Isolated Half Duplex RS485 adapter using MAX13487 driver IC incorporating fully integrated hardware flow control for transparent operation (no software drivers required)

1 x 2-wire RS485 driver with integrated auto-flow control with integrated bias pull and termination resistors
1 x Opto-Isolated digital input (5-40V)

Isolated RS485 Modbus Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card


Gives fully isolated CAN Bus connectivity for use with industrial or automotive controllers

1 x Isolated MCP2515 CAN interface controller with line protection and integrated termination resistor
1 x Opto-isolated digital input (5-40V)

Isolated CAN-Bus Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card


Gives easy support for making analogue readings, with kernel module support (from 4.1.19) allowing easy integration into scripts without having to write complex programs.

The 0.1% 100R current-shunts, enabled via push-on links, allow the ADC to read 4-20mA sensor signals

4 x Isolated Double-Ended 18Bit 0-2.048V / 4-20mA Analogue Inputs using MCP3424 ADC

Isolated ADC 4-20mA Sensor Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card


Isolated M-BUS adapter allowing serial communication with utility/heat metering using the M-BUS interface, this card is based on the open source MBUS project

1 x MBUS serial driver circuit (1-3 Slaves) with optional integrated 34V PSU

Isolated MBus Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card


Useful for long range or topologically challenging environments, this card features two independent DS2482 I2C based 1-Wire controllers, fully isolated from the main CPU card and line protected.

2 x Isolated 1-Wire controllers with line protection and power supply

Isolated 1-Wire Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card


Remote comms has never been so easy with the long range, high power Digi XBEE modules giving transparent long range RF communications or local ZIGBEE networks.

The RF Socket is XBEE footprint compatible so also can be used with other XBEE format modules.

1x XBEE RF socket (RF module sold separately)
4 x Isolated Digital Inputs

ZigBee BlueTooth Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card


Providing easy out of the box Bluetooth 4.0 BLE support, the BLE112 Bluetooth module comes with full Raspberry Pi support with app notes and sample Python scripts.

This module is fully FCC and CE certified and has a uFL connector for external aerial, please contact us for board versions with integrated antenna.

1x BLE112E BLE Bluetooth Module
4 x Isolated Digital Inputs

BLE112 Bluetooth Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card


Accelerate your LoRa project with the pre-certified Microchip RN2483/RN2903 LoRa module, see our documentation section for application notes on how to get going quickly.

This module is fully FCC and CE certified and has uFL connectors for HF and LF external aerials, please specify which module version is required at time of order.

1x RN2483/RN2903 LoRa Module
4 x Isolated Digital Inputs

Microchip RN2483/RN2903 LoRa module Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card

Solar Power-Timer Card

Ideal for use in a solar powered environment, use this card to schedule power off/on time periods to allow the main board to be powered off and then switched back on at a later time, allowing quicker low-load battery re-charge periods.

For application notes please see our documentation section.

Solar Power Management module Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card


This card provides hardened isolated digital output capability using the standard ULN280 open collector driver (1A per output) for driving relays, requires external 5-40V DC supply to operate.

4 x Isolated Open-collector outputs (5-40V DC)
1 x Opto-Isolated Input (5-40V)

Isolated Digital Out Relay Driver Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card


A hardened I/O card for harsh environments

Features :

4 x Opto Isolated Double Ended Digital Inputs (>= 5V)
4 x Opto Isolated 24V/1A Relay Driven Digital Outputs
4 x Double-Ended Isolated 18Bit 0-2.048V / 4-20mA Analogue Inputs using MCP3424 ADC (kernel support from 4.1.19)

Isolated Digital Input Industrial Raspberry Pi IO Card


Providing the remote end link, this module complements the MyPi ISO-RF board

XBEE/Wireless Things RF Module footprint
Com output selectable as RS232 or RS485
7-24V DC IN
RJ45 RS232 for maximum range, follows Cisco 72-3383-01 console cable wiring standard.
RS485 uses MAX13487 with transparent hardware flow control

Can you provide a custom IO card design?

Yes, we can design, build and supply custom IO modules to exact requirements, contact us now to discuss your project.

Have you documentation for these IO Cards?

Yes, we have fully documented all the IO cards under Linux OS please see our documentation pages for more information.

Can I use a standard Raspberry Pi HAT Card with MyPi?

Yes, the MyPi motherboard has a HAT compatible connector so you can use either type of IO card

Can you stack more than one IO card?

No, You can only use one single function card at a time, please contact us if you require a multi-function card.

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