Installing Linux OS

Flashing The Raspberry Pi Compute Module

This section details the basic Windows based method of flashing your compute module

Raspberry Pi Device Tree and Overlay Configuration

This section describes how to configure the on-chip peripherals (COM/I2C/SPI) using dt-blob.bin & config.txt

Finding Your Headless Raspberry Pi Integrator Board

In this section we'll show how to locate a headless (no HDMI Video) system using a simple Windows utility

Changes to stock Raspbian OS

This section details the changes made to the stock OS

Raspbian Kernel 4.14 Upgrade + Compatibility Settings

This section details any modification notes specific to getting the new 4.14.x kenel running on MyPi

CM3 Speed/Thermal OS Configuration Options

This section details how to configure the different boot parameters to configure the CM3's speed, temperature throttling & number of active cores

Raspberry Pi Compute Module Booting Problems

This section details a workaround for recent problem (versions circa late 2015) noted with changes to Raspbian kernel/firmware and the Compute Module causing the boot process to freeze

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