MyPi Industrial Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Edge Gateway Clould Ready
MyPi Industrial Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Edge Gateway Connectivity
MyPi Industrial Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Edge Gateway Compute Module
Modular Connectivity

Modular plug in daughterboard cards for Modbus RTU/TCP, CAN-Bus, 1-Wire and other industrial field equipment interfaces to get you going quickly.

Cloud Ready

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and IBM Watson Public Cloud IoT services all provide support for Raspberry Pi.

Easy To Use

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module makes this a fluid and easy platform to build your gateway product on, with rapid development and unparalleled industry support


Industrialized Raspberry Pi! Everything on our hardware platform has been purpose designed with the industrial market in mind.

MyPi Industrial IoT Edge Gateway

The MyPi Edge Gateway is a full featured, rugged, ready to deploy IoT edge device based around the Raspberry Pi Compute Module.

With built in support for RS485 & CAN-BUS industrial communications interfaces, 3G/4G Cellular modem options (inc. GPS) and an assortment of RF IO cards for LoRa, Bluetooth & Zigbee the MyPi Edge Gateway packs a powerful feature set.

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MyPi Industrial Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Edge Gateway Cloud Connectivity

MyPi Industrial IoT Integrator Board

The MyPi IoT Integrator Board is not just a single board computer which can be used for industrial IoT, it has been purposely designed specifically for this use.

Utilising the powerful Raspberry Pi Compute Module this allows rapid application development by leveraging the huge Raspberry Pi support network.

From 3G/4G cellular modem support for easy remote comms to bulk removable storage via ruggedised SD card slot and our products key, modular IO connectivity for integration with industrial field equipment.

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Industrial IoT Ready

The My-Pi IoT range of products have been designed to to offer maximum flexibility allowing connectivity with a wide range of industrial equipment for data monitoring, logging & control applications.

Both platforms utilise the powerful Raspberry Pi Compute Module and therefore have the capability to perform edge gateway analytics effortlessly.

Whether it's connecting to complex digital controllers or single point analogue sensor data, with applications ranging from Predictive Maintenance to Smart Cities we can configure a solution to suit your exact needs.

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Modular Connectivity

Both MyPi IoT Edge Gateway & Integrator Board products have a range of pre-designed industrial IO interface cards covering common industrial communication standards, all of which have been hardened for use in harsh environments

By fitting the relevant card and following our online documentation you can be up and going in minutes.

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Custom IO Card Design Service

We understand each Industrial IoT project has its own challenges, often requiring a mix of IO to satisfy connectivity requirements.

As part of a value add rapid design service we can offer a complete low volume custom IO card design service, whether that’s combining elements from our range of existing industrial IO cards or part of full design capture process.

In as little as 4-6 weeks we can provide prototypes allowing you to rapidly progress through PoC to full roll out, helping to reduce project cycle times.

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MyPi Industrial Raspberry Pi Industrial IoT Rapid Prototype Custom Card Design Service

Industrial Connectivity


Isolated 2-Wire RS485 for transparent communication with Modbus RTU enabled devices


Isolated CAN-BUS for communication with automotive and industrial controllers

Long/Short Range RF

XBEE compatible (ZIGBEE/Long Range RF), LoRa & Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Modules for local data capture and transmission.


Dual channel isolated 1-Wire interface card for dealing with challanging site topologies.


Isolated MBUS master card including integrated 34V PSU for reading industrial meters

4-20mA Sensors

18-Bit Islolated 4 Channel ADC Card for reading 4-20mA current loop sensors

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